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Here is exclusive interview with Romi Idris &Mima, Founder & CEO of “Dance Till Monday”, the most anticipated DJ group in Indonesia clubbing scene. Find out their recent achievement, latest release and what’s next for this group that surely blows your mind. Check them out on 31 December at Love F Hotel’s NYE party.

  1. How did you guys meet and decide to form “Dance Till Monday”?What does “Dance Till Monday” mean and the history behind the brand?

It started out from a disappointment to Indonesia’s dance scene, especially Jakarta’s. Where 1st liners or top-notch Djs are being left out because of their idealism in music and almost of club owners were requesting their resident Djs only to play songs what the market demands. So-called top 40 or mainstream dance music. Quoting a best friend that is also a Dj: “You cannot feel the soul of today’s dance music anymore”.

That is what made my wife,Mima and I establish a full package event that makes sure it has what it needs, the quality in music, the quality in the performing Djs, and venue selection that can embrace those things. Their label, NoLabelSoundz held a one of a kind event in the month of May 2013 in Fabric, Kemang; DANCE TILL MONDAY (DTM). The unique name speaks for itself, to make people dance till Monday or to keep the party going on an on.

That first DTM caught the attention of Jakarta’s partygoers that missed quality dance music. With classy 1st liners such as 1MAN, Blanco, Reynald, and also Djs that has their own characteristic like Faried and I myself.

After the successful of the first DTM, Mima Romi & I decided to make DTM as a serial event, both of us made a serious ground rules for DTM’s performers so that DTM can maintain their quality in dance music. Most of DTM’s performers are in their 40’s, has their own character in music, have a good taste of music, fully dedicated in being a Dj, and they are also well known faces in Jakarta’s dance scene.

Treating each one of their DTM’s performers as family has build RESPECT between all of them. Romi &Mima has put family and respect as their first ground rules in managing DTM. That is what made Romi &Mima (as Founder & CEO) on top of the command chain.

With a parade of 7 to 9 quality Djs that has their own crowd, a talented an experienced MC, and a one of a kind visual jockey operator has made DTM become some kind of an awaited event amongst Jakarta’s partygoers. Building loyal crowds that always comes to DTM, becoming a community of its own. DTM has been a satisfaction to partygoers and also club owners. DTM has been held 7 times as a Serial Event and 1 Special Edition.

  1. Over the past 12 months, what is your biggest achievement?

DTM has been nominated as the Serial Event Of The Year category in Paranoia Awards 2014.

  1. How do you see Bali? The people?The party?

For me & my wife Bali is very romantic place. We go to Bali several times a year. We love Bali very much.

The people of Bali are very kind and religious. The party in Bali is very very amazing. They have many best clubs and many worldwide DJ’s have been spinning in Bali. For us, Bali is a place where every day is Saturday and every night is Saturday night, hehehe….

Can you  imagine that?

  1. Mention 5 non DJ things that your team and you can’t travel without?

Smartphone, cigarettes, wallet, sneakers and jeans

  1. Tell us about your latest release? What’s next for Dance Till Monday?

In April 2015, We (finger crossed), will make a biggest event of DTM called DANCE TILL MONDAY – the Festival – . Just wait for next announcement…

This is the link if you want to listening DANCE TILL MONDAY mixtapes by DTM’s Finest via our website:

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